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And it really wasn't much more than a slow, rueful lift of the corner of his mouth, but there was a vulnerability to it, and a hint of defiance, as though the confession had been made reluctantly but he'd had no choice about it, really. Lily studied him, and he met her gaze evenly; her heart tripped oddly. Something was taking shape between them; it was like standing at the entrance of a dark room, she thought, in the moment before your eyes adjust and the outlines of things become clear.

She was afraid to step any farther into that room, for fear of crashing clumsily into something. Happily disappear right into them. Perhaps I can direct you to it. It was as though he feared he was making some sort of prurient suggestion. Though I've a book of Shakespeare's works. But he didn't seem inclined to continue. She could have recited the rest to him, but she wanted to hear it in his voice. It was full of the boy he must have been, and she wished he didn't ration it the way he seemed to. Their eyes met again, lingered; faint smiles curved both of their mouths, and Lily could think of nothing to say.

It followed the length of Lily's bare throat, went to the loosed hair spilling over her chest, dropped to her waist, where a cord wrapped twice around her closed her robe.

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Slowly, slowly, his eyes traveled the curve of her hips, down her thighs, down her calves, to where her bare feet touched the floor. A most deliberate and thorough and unsubtle perusal. Again, that sense of lamplight blooming below her belly, spilling into her veins.

And Gideon Cole was not a Nick, who could be kissed out of curiosity and pushed away and forgotten. If Gideon Cole were to deign to reach for her now, she knew there would be no knees or elbows. She would come to him. And promptly be swept under. It was terrifying, really, how quickly pride and reason had deferred to the urges of her body in the presence of this man.

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And now Lily understood: Gideon's Cole's thoughts were most active when his expression was least readable. I think you should return to your chambers now. Want to read more? Click here to order your copy! These are excerpts from reviews Designed to warm your heart and titillate your senses, this is a must for anyone who loves laughter wrapped in tears.

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I wasn't wrong. It's fun, witty, filled with a colorful cast of characters, and simply pure romantic escapism at its best. The characters are richly detailed and the plot is exciting and lively. The secondary characters add charm and this reviewer hopes to see Alice and Kilmartin in their own books in the future. The setting is detailed enough to allow the reader to see it clearly without taking over the story.

I found myself not wanting to turn the last page, and I hated to see it end.

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Historical fans are going to love this fast-paced story set in England. Julie Anne Long has found a place on my keeper shelf, and added her name to my "must buy" list of authors. I love a good romance story, but I love a book even more when it is well written. Long's prose and allusions are wonderful To Love a Thief may be one of the most wonderful Pygmalion stories yet to come out of the romance genre.

Julie Anne Long may be a newer author, but she is someone not to miss! Long proves that she is not a one-book wonder But he does have extraordinarily good looks and irresistible charm. He also has a Master Plan-to marry the Lady Constance Clary, who comes with fortune, ambition, and that precious title he so desperately wants. When the beautiful, impoverished Lily Masters picks his pocket one day, he can't help but take notice of her aquamarine eyes, heart-shaped lips, and golden freckles.

She runs away before Gideon can say anything, but the next day he sees Lily again, this time as she's been caught picking the pocket of a wealthy gentleman who demands that she be carted off to prison. Gideon comes to the rescue, buying the man's silence and inadvertently ending up the custodian of a pickpocket! Grace Callaway. The Brigadier's Runaway Bride.

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To Love a Thief - Julie Anne Long - كتب Google

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