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As an outcome position, the Hierophant indicates a position of authority in an organization will help you. In some cases, this card could represent a company as a whole but more likely a particular male in a father, priest or mentor capacity. The Hierophant in a business venture states clearly that your focus needs to be on spiritual endeavors instead of monetary ones.

The Hierophant: Tarot Cards -

If you find that work and the acquisition of wealth are not working out the way that you would prefer, then the Hierophant says to take a break out of your normal routine and examine what necessities you have and need, and which are luxuries that are actually weighing you down. Consider giving up something of yours to help someone else, or just get rid of negative emotions around work - to lighten your personal load. But, overall I will say that this card is all about being guided by a male figure.

In finances, the card indicates the need for guidance in a similar way as with health. Often it is a note that you need to contact some sort of financial advisor.

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In readings, it can indicate debt reduction skills are needed or even issues concerning the court systems. It is less about paying solicitor fees and more about having to give money to government or charity. As a note: The Hierophant card can indicate tax issues as well as a contract of employment. In business, this could represent you. Skilled in your trade and across the next few years you will learn to allot. This card is also about rules and obeying them.

Maybe you have broken the rules in business in the past and this is saying that you need to act more in line with tradition. Additionally, he is quite rigid in his approach and can come across as being pragmatic. This card can mean that you may achieve great things. Instead of feeling compelled to follow a religious and spiritual order that is structured, you will feel more open or carefree. You will not feel weighted down by your earthly possessions because they do not own you. One caution to be aware of for the Hierophant reversed position is that you do not become overly superstitious, so much that it gets in the way of leading a happy and healthy life.

The Hierophant in the reversed position can also signify being out of balance. Be careful of manic or overspending episodes, being too blunt or honest, or extending your opinion in areas where it is not wanted. He wears three robes — red, blue and white — and a three-tiered crown, both representing the three worlds over which he rules the conscious, sub-conscious and super-conscious.

The Hierophant Tarot Card Meanings

In his left hand, he holds the Papal Cross, a triple sceptre that signifies his religious status. He raises his right hand in a religious blessing, with two fingers pointing towards Heaven and two towards Earth. Before him kneel two followers. This imagery speaks to a shared group identity and a rite of passage to enter the next level.

Customer Reviews

The Hierophant card represents an established set of spiritual values and beliefs and is often correlated with religion and other formal doctrines. Before you can discover your own belief systems and make your own choices as associated with the next card, the Lovers , the Hierophant encourages you to learn the fundamental principles from a trusted source.

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Work with a teacher, mentor, or guide to teach you about spiritual values and beliefs in a structured way. He may be an authority or a kind and generous mentor who nurtures your spiritual awareness and helps you access the Divine by understanding the traditions and core principles. You may also undertake a period of formal study as you delve into a subject that has been widely explored and documented. If you have already mastered a particular field of study, you may be taking on the role of teacher and mentor to others.

In this position, you honour and acknowledge your responsibility to share your knowledge in a structured way, one that respects the age-old traditions. You are not yet willing to go out on a limb or offer any new and innovative ideas. Instead, you adhere to the key principles and rules that you know will lead to a successful result.

The Hierophant may call you to honour family traditions or sacred rituals that sit neglected. You are being asked to commit to spiritual practice in its most wholesome form — no customisation, no adaptation, no bending the rules.

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If you have been lacking ritual and tradition, create a regular practice such as daily prayer or saying grace before a meal. His practice is sustained and deep and he does not need excessive recognition or validation.

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His own belief is reason enough to stay devoted. Structure, institutions, organized religion, traditions, spiritual apprenticeship, gurus, set worldviews, established ways of thinking, values, ideals, group settings, groupthink, spiritual practices, discipline, pursuit of higher truths, mentorship, ritual, status quo. Disciplined, curious, seeking greater meaning, spiritual, sensitive, perceptive, idealistic, benevolent, steadfast, loyal, perceptive, giving, conventional.

Dogmatic uncritical of beliefs, traditionalist, inflexible, lacking nuance, smug, conservative, fearful. The energy for this weeks starts off ponderous and heavy.

The Hierophant - Upright and Reversed

We're clearly taking our lives very seriously, considering the traditional viewpoints of The Hierophant that initiate our reading. Yet, as we can see from the undignified face-plant of the Ten of Swords, these ideas and strategies have reached far beyond any semblance of helpfulness.

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  5. In fact, they've overtaken our sense of self, and now we must contend with a back full of swords. This weekly forecast is asking us to embrace the spirit of newness.

    It's a refreshing change of energies, a shift from the traditional mindset of The Hierophant to the creative action of The Magician. This is a week full of opportunity for us if we choose to reach out and take what's being offered to us.

    Work of the Hierophant

    Of course, starting with the Ace of Pentacles is a welcome beacon of potential and promise. Look at this singular, shining coin! And yet taking gifts when they're offered isn't as easy as it may seem. Many of us struggle with accepting good things. We have the charismatic ease of the Wands at our backs as we enter into this week.

    The Six is a particularly encouraging card, one that points to the happy rush of an achievement.