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Episode description

Bill is an agroecologist who does applied research combined with outreach to growers and industry. The objective of his research program is to develop agroecosystems that are both productive and sustainable. Jason Webster is the Lead Commercial Agronomist at Precision Planting acting as the key researcher and educator for the Precision Planting Commercial team, dealers and growers.

Meet the Targeted Individual Community

His experience bolsters on-farm research efforts and the capability to provide solid agronomic education for dealers and growers. Jason is an industry-leading expert in the agronomic and profit impacts of different farming practices. Paul has a wide range of agricultural, industrial, and military experience; working on various engineering teams such as John Deere and General Dynamic. Paul has been instrumental in creating a tablet computer platform for GreenSeeker units and first introduced Y-Drop to the Canadian market. His expertise includes robotics and sensor networks.

Katie Wood, UG Dr. Jessica Gordon, UG Catch up on the latest University of Guelph beef research, and hear about the new state-of-the-art Elora Beef Cattle Research Barn and some of the research that will begin in the new facility. Their farm is located in Chatham-Kent, an area known for rich cash crops and vegetable crops. In this session hear how the Knight family has been able to carve out a little piece of this land and successfully rotationally graze 65 Angus cows.

Ever wonder whether it is worth investing in these technologies? This talk provides a critical assessment of the value of precision technologies available throughout the beef value chain and what impact they might have on efficiency, profitability, and sustainability. James and Joan have a successful breeding stock and cash crop operation at their Silver Springs Farms in Ravenna.

Walpole will share tips and best management practices on storing and feeding quality silages for livestock. Matt was raised in the rural community of Tiverton in Southwestern Ontario. His research focused on rumen physiology in dairy and feedlot cattle. He currently consults with both dairy and feedlot clients in Ontario and Manitoba. Dan Shock, ACER Consulting Over the past few years, Health Canada has introduced new regulations that will help to ensure the safe and responsible use of antibiotics in livestock, but how will these changes impact your ability to access antibiotics when your animals need them?

In this session, Dr. Shock will summarize the changes and answer your questions on antimicrobial use in livestock. But is soil compaction and declining soil health restricting the ability of our drainage systems to manage excess water? He has worked in the areas of soil and water conservation and rural water management for the majority of the past 35 years.

In he joined Ecologistics Limited, a private consulting firm based in Waterloo, Ontario where he contributed to many national and international soil and water conservation projects. He grew up on a dairy farm in Bowmanville Ontario. In he worked on a harvest crew cutting wheat in the US and Canada, and in he worked as a test technician for MacDon testing prototype combine headers all over North America.

At OMAFRA, he is involved with a number of projects contributing to the understanding of equipment loads and tire types and the impact on soil strength and the potential to cause soil compaction. He provides consulting services on nine different cash crops in Stutsman and Barnes counties. Lee is working with growers on customized strategies to incorporate cover crops, reduced tillage and precision agriculture to address the challenges of soil degradation, pest management and economic profitability.

He holds a M. Currently Anne works in the area of horticultural soil management with projects in a wide variety of soil management areas such as erosion, compaction and water management. Promoting the use of cover crops and supporting better soil health are her passion.

Deep Adaptation

Adam has a long history with the ministry beginning with soil conservation work and time as a soil and crop specialist. The second half of his career has been spent as a soil management specialist promoting soil management best management practices. His current focus is on promoting and measuring soil health. He started with the cooperatives in Dale has been instrumental in the development and promotion of sustainable agronomy and precision farming practices throughout Ontario since Prior to that he owned Agri-Food Laboratories an agricultural testing laboratory from to Having reviewing over 1 million samples during that tenure has offered great insight into the condition of agriculture in Ontario.

With all the interest and activity on Soil Compaction, come and ask your hard questions of the tire experts as you work to lessen the load on your soils. His career started as being a mobile service technician doing onsite tire repairs and installation of new tires primarily Ag but also commercial and industrial applications as well.

In the last 14 years Eric has been primarily involved with Ag tires sales, machine ballasting and technical setup for Ag equipment. The world of tire technology is constantly changing and evolving with new tread designs and construction annually. How goal is to stay committed to providing you with the best tire solution for your industry and application.

Boris Horodynsky run farm near Cookstown, ON and specialize in onions about acres. He started to farm after he finnished high school on 10 acres and built up the operation over the last 45 years. Boris also grow soyabeans as a rotational crop. They farm both muck and mineral soils with both track and wheel type tractors. Boris also build a lot of his own equipment such as sprayers, harvesting equipment etc. They have a sawmill operation that complicated their land clearing operations.

Boris uses the lumber for pallet boxes, buildings etc. Farm employers: have you noticed that potential workers routinely have more than one job offer?

Samuel Meisels

The power has shifted in this labour market. Learn how to attract and keep the best employees for your operation. Her background includes teaching human resources management for the University of Guelph, and leading responsibility for diversity and employment equity at a large Canadian energy company. She also travelled to India, where she met with leaders of business and government and spoke to various audiences, including the National Institute for Personnel Management, and the International Institute for Human Potential Development.

Find out how farmland values have been affected by factors such as non-farmer buyers, urban areas, the Greenbelt, and more. He grew up on a cash-crop farm near Guelph. He completed a Ph. Richard has conducted extensive research related to property values in Ontario, both agricultural and rural residential. His other areas of research include marketing of agricultural and food products, economic impacts of agriculture and rural policy, and economic analysis of farm production practices.

In this role he leads projects in the area of cost of production and financial benchmarking. John grew up on a farrow-to-finish hog operation near Strathroy, Ontario. Since that time, he has filled roles of engineering and management roles in a variety of industries.


These include environmental, automotive, custom automation, pharmaceutical and renewable energy. It was during this time that John became more aware of the challenges facing the agricultural industry in Ontario. As an Engineering Specialist, John has been working on a variety of projects related to process optimization, technology development, live-stock welfare and barn fire reduction.

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Brian chairs the board of CAFTA and works closely with the executive director to improve market access for agri-food exports through trade agreements. He is also the vice-president of the Canola Council, where he leads public affairs activities including trade policy, market access, government relations and communications. Prior to joining the Canola Council, Brian was a senior consultant with the Ottawa office of an international public affairs firm.

He holds a B. Considerations in Hiring Custom Contractors on the Farm Ralph van der Wahl, Van Agri Custom Services, Lucan Mark Luymes, Moorefield This experienced panel will discuss advantages in working with custom contractors, considerations to work effectively with contractors in your operation and tips and tricks for setting expectations and managing the contractor-farmer relationship.

We sell our dairy products raw milk, chocolate milk, yogurt, ice cream, and more , eggs, meats, freezer meals, canned goods, and more year-round during our weekly store hours, and we offer produce for sale when it is in season. We only sell what we grow on our land in the borough of Albion. We believe that ones vegetables should be acquired locally and we are continuing to strive to offer the freshest and tastiest organic foods available.

We raise chickens, pure breed registered Finnsheep, and angora goats. We do management intensive grazing for our sheep and goats. Our chickens are free range and eat organic feed.

Conscious Life Mag May June by 2luni & Vinloco Media - Issuu

We sell fiber from our Finnsheep, registered lambs, eggs, and will have goats in the spring. We sell it retail, in large orders for freezing, as well as wholesale. Cassel's Tree Farm has been in business since We grow quality Douglas Fir Christmas Trees. These are the soft-needle trees that hold their needles for months.

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There is a large selection of sizes and shapes to choose from, including a large selection of 9'' trees.