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by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
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This book is unexpectedly charming in its portrayal of four women who meet in college and hold on tightly to their friendship through adulthood. The structure is whip-smart: The book is told chronologically, but split into four parts, one for each woman's greatest mistake. And the characters grow increasingly three-dimensional—sometimes in shocking ways—with every chapter.

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In the vein of old-school Jodi Picoult, this book is framed around an ethics question: Is it right to kidnap a child who is being abused? The twist is an unexpectedly brutal blow, and one you probably didn't see coming, and it turns a good book into a great one. Suddenly, the novel is about something else entirely, and Dunlop spends the remainder of this gripping novel linking the chain of events into one cohesive narrative. The pin drops, so to speak, and after that, you won't be able to put it down.

Trust me. I devoured this book on a rainy Sunday, and then felt dizzy afterwards—like the book had almost knocked me over. When the book starts, Dylan, not yet 3, is brain-damaged and has been ill for a year, and his parents are a pillar of strength for him. So what happened?

Herman Melville

Like a fine wine, Jennifer Weiner only gets better with time. I wondered, at the beginning of this story, if Weiner had bitten off more than she could chew.

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She didn't. This book will break your heart and force you to reckon with, oh, NBD, life itself. It's a thriller, it's an immigrant story, and it's also a romance.

I love a lot of books, but none quite like this one. The moment I finished it, I tried to restart it, but trust me, the first read is the most magical. This is a story like no other. Violet came from nothing, shedding her past when she left her childhood home for college, and Stella is a pharmaceutical heiress with effortless beauty and charm. When Stella begins to crave what Violet's ambition has brought her, the story descends into the delicious and the thrilling.

The Farm is ReadWithMC's June book club pick , so be sure to read along with us and post your review on social media to be included in the site's roundup.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 12222

Of all the books I've read so far this year, this one is in my top three. It's a romance, but not a typical love story.

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I loved the raw, open telling of this story, the cast of supporting characters who gently guide Annika through her daily life, and the author's refusal to allow a neurological impairment to define a character. A Lily In The Light draws you in immediately. The family splinters, and Esme, a budding ballerina, moves to California to pursue dance, spending her adolescence there rather than face the shell her family has become. The timeline flits between past and present, but the storytelling is sharp, and it's easy to see young Esme in the older version, alone in California and trying to carve out a path independent of her sister.

Even in its brightest parts, however, there's a sadness that permeates every chapter of this book. Deya wants to go to college; her grandmother wants her to follow in her mother's footsteps and marry quickly. Irina Reyn's latest novel is at once a study of human relationships and of modern America. Nadia, a Russian-born senior home attendant in south Brooklyn, suffers through the endless see-saw of U.

No matter how troubling the political climate, you can count on Kinsella to bring you some joy and laugh-out-loud moments. The police can't help, so Abi must figure out what happened on her own. It is a love story of a sort—Nina's love story, with herself. Devi S. Flat on the ground, Mother considers deeply the questions that have dictated her life. The entire novel takes place over the course of a single morning, as Mother lies waiting for help, and the effect is devastatingly potent.

It's shattering and yet, somehow, beautiful. I love a good family-driven suspense novel, and this one doesn't disappoint. In Megan Collins' debut, Sylvie returns home to take care of her sick mother, more than a decade after the unsolved murder of Sylvie's sister, Persephone. The mystery of who killed Persephone hangs over the characters as Sylvie reacquaints herself with her childhood home, until staggering, sudden truths come out.

Learn English Through Story - The Stranger by Norman Whitney

Not in a novel, I would think. So, if you please? Oh, what the heck.

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The more I think about this, the more fustulated I become. When people use quotations, i wish they would give the entire citation. On the other hand, the overuse of inflated subject compliments wearies me — five minutes of TV and you have heard enough screaming-level adjectives to deafen you for the rest of your life and to dull your heart, your perceptions — all your senses.

So inflating language for emphasis is not all that great an idea. Using the appropriate level of adjective for the situation is best. Very clever does not equal brilliant. Neither does damn clever. This was an interesting post. I never thought about how many times I use the word very and now I will try to use other words to eliminate the word very?

I have a very limited vocabulary and have been working very hard on learning new words. Thank you so much for giving me some new much needed ammunition! While I do agree that very anything should be reconsidered, I would not take the extreme position that it is never appropriate in writing. I opine that the author agrees, and wants only to encourage more descriptive words when very would dilute the message by introducing emphasis, where none should be necessary.

If it is, it is. But sometimes there are degrees, as in love. A good test would be to ask yourself if something is extremely so. If it is, substitute another word. Thanks for the share. The second is to enrich your vocabulary by using a greater variety of adjectives.

Reading List: Best Life-Changing Books I've Read - Darius Foroux

This is also sound advice. Those adjectives have their own peculiar nuances and should only be used where they are really appropriate. I would avoid them unless necessary. They are different animals. Something can be very cold without being freezing, or very bad without being atrocious. I already use some of these words, but I have a tendency to combine them.

Is that correct, or is it bad form? While the logic and argument makes sense in using words that adequately describe the situation, it does not altogether diminish the use or efficacy of the word either as an adjective or adverb. She had very large breasts for instance cannot possibly be written she had colossal breasts. All things in context please.

Thank you for your very informative and wery well redacted article. This article which is very informative has helped me a LOT to replace the word very, so my writing will be richer, in fact I think that it will very rich from now on. What a resourceful post?! Thanks for sharing. Now I know what my next lesson plan will cover, thank you! Hey Patzi, by any chance are you interested in Spanish? I can offer you Spanish. My apologizes if this message is inadequate. I disagree with this. The whole thing. Very ugly and hideous are different.

If you choose to say something is ugly it is ugly, there are four letters and has a hard g, which sounds ugly. This is an exercise in using a thesaurus to write instead of how you think about words. I love this! Me and my friend Abby have been making new creative sentences with these amazing words!!!! Thanks for the advice. Replacing it with another breathlessness is just as bad.