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Cochran uses lots of stories from his time as a pastor and lays the book out in an orderly and clever manner. Introduction: Why this book on Christian Persecution? Part 1: Chapters , Cochran defines persecution and highlights where it is happening in the world. Part 2: Chapters , Beginning in the Old Testament, Cochran unpacks the biblical testimony to Christian persecution.

Christians in the Crosshairs: Persecution in the Bible and Around the World Today

Part 3: Chapters , Chapter 11 argues for Christ as both source and comfort of persecution, chapter 12 that churches prioritize the persecuted, and Chapter 13 provides closing arguments for what has been said in the book. He follows a simple preliminary definition he shares with Nik Ripken. He notes that persecution can be individual or corporate and that it happens more often than many would want to believe.

The second chapter in the book will probably be most eye-opening and provocative for readers. Cochran provides stories and geographical orientation to what is going on today in the persecuted church. However, they will be after chapter 2. Cochran locates the impetus for persecution in the natural human disdain for the righteousness of Christ. Human beings naturally long for autonomy, they are offended, perhaps enraged at times, and seek to respond with hostility to God.

However, they cannot get to God so they go after the closest thing they can, those who embrace the righteousness of Christ. While some readers might find his work in the Old Testament a stretch at times examination of Job and the idea of Abel as prototype for persecution , I think he needs to be heard.

Sermons | FBC Wylie

The idea of the Hebrew canon being framed Luke ?? Persecution is pervasive!

Kennedy Classics - Special Presentation: Freedom in the Crosshairs

The quantitative weight it holds over something like the end times, the future for Israel, etc. The intended audience of the book is both the local church pastor and college student.