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  1. Inspirational Books for Athletes About Mindset and Life
  3. The Best Sports Psychology Books of
  4. Life as a College Student Athlete: Keeping the Right Perspective
  5. Encourage top performance with these inspiring reads

I wrote this book because we need good, biblical, and practical answers to questions such as these: Does God care about sports? Is it okay for me to want to win? Why would God allow me to get injured?

Inspirational Books for Athletes About Mindset and Life

What does it mean to have a platform, and what does God expect me to do with it? What does it even mean to give God glory, and how can I give it to him through a game?

Mental Skills for Endurance Athletes: 4 Mental Pathways to Success

Is it okay to pray for success? This book is for you, the athlete. Not your coach. Not your parents. Not your fans.


Athlete, consider this book an assist. From me to you. My aim in The Assist is to reshape the way you think about your sport and present a practical approach to having a gospel-centered perspective for every challenge the world of athletics throws at you. The first three foundational chapters address what God wants and how athletes should view both God and themselves. We will explore potentially new ways of experiencing, appreciating, and practicing obedience to God in the midst of all the circumstances athletes face—proper motivation, winning, losing, injuries, practice, teammates, gray areas, retirement, coaches.

We need to learn and execute on making our sport serve us in a way that draws us closer to God. I am hoping—and praying— this resource will help you give God what He wants most and enjoy Him in the process. Brian Smith.

The Best Sports Psychology Books of

That conversation with Isaiah has haunted me ever since. That means he was training about 40 hours a week. This book personally changed my perspective about nutrition and a lot of other things. He explains how to use clean eating to ensure maximum performance and recovery. He also introduces a lot of foods that you might not have heard of, but are extremely helpful because of their ability to help you perform and recover.

Ever since reading this book and following its principles, I have stopped feeling run down and sore. I am also now a Vega fan for life. This is indeed, one of the best books for athletes. This is ultimately a very important point.

Life as a College Student Athlete: Keeping the Right Perspective

I am a proactive person, so I think you should destroy any little gremlins that might be hiding in your sports locker by doing some Havening or Hypnosis sooner rather than later. But, of course, it is sometimes tough convincing others of that. So, this doctor, who is the founder of Havening, will explain to you some ways in which the mind works and how to get it back on track. In over 16 years of working with athletes, I have found it is those who are mentally tough that really make it to the next level.

The information in it has come from being a lifelong athlete, certified personal trainer , hypnotist, Havening Practitioner, and someone who is addicted to continuing education.

Encourage top performance with these inspiring reads

I have shadowed some of the best trainers, athletes, social workers, and physical therapists in the world over the last decade. I became obsessed with ways to improve athletic performance after an injury nearly destroyed my pitching career, and the information in the book reflects that. Not only that, but it is the only book for athletes that I know of that looks at ALL of the components of performing your best, as opposed to just focusing in on one small piece.

The first female freestyle waterski ramp jumper in the world, Shellie Blum has endured her share of grueling setbacks. In this inspiring book, she takes you through her journey of perseverance. She also documents her remarkable achievements in the field of endurance hiking, backpacking, and trail running. Donny Mateaki is an athlete who played football, basketball, and track.

The book seeks to help athletes discover how to lower the risk of injury. Athletes are also entitled to priority registration in order to avoid scheduling conflicts.

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Universities present athletes with every opportunity to be successful in the classroom and rightfully do so because of the strain that juggling a collegiate sport creates. Along with the academic support that is offered, athletes are also allowed access to the best athletic apparel in order to perform well on the field. It is clear that athletes, especially those at schools who generate millions of dollars in revenue, are never hurting for perks or compensation.

If the money must be taken out of the hands of the university and the athletic department, then it should be put towards the future academic plans of the athlete and not straight into their pocket. The money that is generated by major games and championships is better spent on the future success of the university or the future academic endeavors of the athlete and not on a new car for the athlete who threw the winning touchdown.